Electret Ion Chambers for Characterizing Indoor, Outdoor, Geologic and Other Sources of Radon

Payasada Kotrappa


An Electret Passive Environmental 222Rn Monitor Based on Ionization Measurement

Payasada Kotrappa, J.C. Dempsey, J.R. Hickey, L.R. Stieff

A Practical E-PERM® (Electret Passive Environmental Radon Monitor) System for Indoor 222Rn Measurement

Payasada Kotrappa, J.C. Dempsey, R.W. Hickey, L.R. Stieff

Elevation Correction Factors for E-PERM® Radon Monitors

Payasada Kotrappa, L.R. Stieff

Electret Ion Chamber Radon Monitors Measure Dissolved 222Rn in Water

Payasada Kotrappa, W.A. Jester

Field Test of Electret Ion Chambers for Environmental Monitoring

R.A. Fjeld, K.J. Montague, M.H. Haapala, P. Kotrappa

Long Term Stability of Electrets used in Electret Ion Chambers

Payasada Kotrappa

Uncertainties Evaluation for Electret Based Devices used in Radon Detection

M. Caresana, F. Campi, M. Ferrarini, L. Gariati, A. Porta

Gamma Table

Kenneth T. Bogen

An Advanced E-PERM® System for Simultaneous Measurement of Concentrations of Radon Gas, Radon Progeny, Equilibrium Ratio and Unattached Radon Progeny

Payasada Kotrappa, F.R. Stieff, L.R. Stieff

Intercomparison of Radon and Radon Decay Product Measurements in an Underground Mine and EPA Radon Laboratory

G. Budd, R. Hopper, E. Braganza, M. Ronca-Battista, F. Steinhausler, P. Stegner

Attenuation of Thoron in Tyvek® Membranes

Payasada Kotrappa, Lorin Stieff, Frederick Stieff

Measurement of Radon in Natural Gas and in Propane Using Electret Ion Chambers

Payasada Kotrappa, Michael E. Kitto, Lorin Stieff, Frederick Stieff

Radon Flux Monitor For In Situ Measurement of Granite and Concrete Surfaces

Payasada Kotrappa, F.R. Stieff, Daniel J. Steck

Uranium Prospecting for Accurate Time-Efficient Surveys of Radon Emissions in Air and Water, with a Comparison to Earlier Radon and Helium Surveys

John D. Charlton, Payasada Kotrappa

Quality Study of Electret Radon Flux Monitors by an "In Situ" Intercomparison Campaign in Spain

C. Grossi, A. Vargas, D. Arnold

A Preliminary Comparison of Radon Surface Flux Measurement Using Large Area Activated Charcoal Canisters (LAACC) and Electret Ion Chambers (EIC)

J. Rechcigl, I. Alcordo, C. Roessler, R. Littell, H. Keaton, J. Williamson, L.R. Stieff, P. Kotrappa, G. Whitney

Assessment of the E-PERM® Radon-in-Water Measurement Kit

M. Kitto, D. Haines, E. Fielman, T. Menia, A. Bari

NAS Report and EPA's Approach to Setting Limits for Radon in Drinking Water

NAS Report / U.S. EPA

Initial EPA Perspectives on NAS Report: "Risk Assessment of Radon in Drinking Water"

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

The Use of Barrier Bags with Radon Detectors

A. Stieff, P. Kotrappa, F.R. Stieff

Small Volume (53 ml) EIC With On/Off Mechanism

F.R. Stieff, P. Kotrappa

Electret Ion Chamber-Based Passive Radon-Thoron Discriminative Monitors

P. Kotrappa, D. Steck

Measurement of Indoor and Outdoor Radon Concentrations During Superstorm Sandy

P. Kotrappa, P. Paul, A. Stieff, F.R. Stieff

Short-Term Electret Ion Chamber "Blind" Testing Program

R.K. Lewis

Influence of Environmental Changes on Integrating Radon Detectors: Results of an Intercomparison Exercise

A. Vargas, X. Ortega

Field Comparison of Commercially Available Short-Term Radon Detectors

K. Sun, M. Majdan, D. Field, R.W. Field

Blind Testing of Commercially Available Short-Term Radon Detectors

K. Sun, G. Budd, S. McLemore, R.W. Field

A Test of Radon Service Providers Available on the Internet

J. Chen, R. Falcomer, L. Bergman, J. Wierdsma, J. Ly

Evaluation Report: EPA Does Not Provide Oversight of Radon Testing Accuracy and Reliability

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Technical Note: Inherent Voltage Discharge in LT Electrets (16-May-2018)

Rad Elec Inc.

Optimized 90 Day Long-Term EIC Monitor (LMT-OO)

Payasada Kotrappa, Lorin Stieff, Frederick Stieff

New S-Chamber Mid-Term Electrets: Experimental Characterization and Uncertainty Evaluation

Gabriele Zorloni, Francesca Tugnoli, Luisella Garlati, Marco Caresana

Application of NIST 222Rn Emanation Standards for Calibrating 222Rn Monitors

Payasada Kotrappa, L.R. Stieff

Characterization and Use of an Accumulating Type of Radon Test Chamber

Payasada Kotrappa, Frederick Stieff

An E-RPISU, A New Instrument for Measurement of Radon Progeny Concentration in Air

Payasada Kotrappa, Frederick Stieff