Radon Scout Calibration


This service will calibrate your Radon Scout and ensure that it's measuring radon accurately. Our Radon Scout calibrations involve placing them in our tertiary radon chamber for three days, and then you will receive a calibration certificate after the process is completed and the Scout is calibrated.

Please be sure to include your calibration form with your instrument!


Our Radon Scout Calibration Service will ensure that your Radon Scout CRM is operating accurately, and involves placing your instrument inside our radon chamber for three days. Rad Elec recommends that your Radon Scout be calibrated on an annual basis.

This calibration service is typically performed over the weekend, so try to ship your Scout so that it reaches our office before Friday. You will receive a calibration certificate after your instrument has been successfully calibrated.


Scout Calibration Form (PDF)

This is the required Scout calibration form.

Download (77.81k)