E-PERM® Radon Starter Kit


The Starter Kit comes with everything you need to get your radon testing business up and running. It includes a SPER-1E voltage reader, 6 S-chambers and short-term electrets, 3 deployment sleeves (or twin boxes), a flash drive with the Radon Report Manager software, spreadsheets, and more!

Box Type
SPER-1E Case Color
Starter Kit Package

The E-PERM® Radon Starter Kit includes:

1 SPER-1E Reader with Case and Desiccant

2 Reference Electrets (1 Set)

6 S-Chambers

6 Short-Term Electrets

3 Deployment Sleeves / Twin Boxes

Radon Report Manager Software

Becoming Proficient with E-PERMs® Course

E-PERM® Operator's Manual

Quality Assurance Plan

Package of 100 4" Lock Ties

Package of 25 14" Lock Ties

10 Sheets of Tamper Indicating Tape

5 copies of Marketing Brochures

10 "Radon Test in Progress" Door Hangers

The Deluxe Starter Kit also includes a Recon® Continuous Radon Monitor and Protective Case! We will contact you in order to customize your Recon color and case combinations.

Data sheet

13" (34 cm)
13" (34 cm)
19" (49 cm)
14 lbs (6.3 kg)