Becoming Proficient with E-PERMs


"Becoming Proficient with Rad Elec E-PERMs" is a CERTI course that has been NRPP-approved for 4 continuing education credits. It is an excellent introductory course to using the Rad Elec E-PERM® system, and comes with both a course CD and a textbook. Upon successful completion of the course, a certificate will be awarded.


This course is offered by CERTI (CERTI Website), which has been offering radon education and training since 1986. Upon successful completion of the course, 4 continuing education credits are awarded, in addition to a certificate.

This course is fully-approved by the NRPP, and is an excellent introduction to using the E-PERM® system.

An internet connection is required to submit the quizzes and receive the graduation certificate.