Residential Radon Testing

Here are two good reasons why you should consider testing your own home for radon:

  • Indoor radon is a major indoor pollutant that causes lung cancer. It is second only to smoking as a causative agent for lung cuncer. By testing your home, you will be able to understand your risk (and reduce it via mitigation, if necessary).
  • In most states, a radon test is needed as part of the home inspection before you are able to sell your home. By measuring for radon now, this will not be a "last-minute delay" if you decide to sell your home. More importantly, you and your family will benefit from the reduced health risk instead of only providing this information for the new owners.

Test your home for radon now! You can order a home test kit directly from Rad Elec for the very low price of $45 (which includes a free return shipping label). This test kit includes two E-PERMs®, which are extremely accurate and are used in more than 30 countries across the world. You will be able to deploy them for a period between 2 to 14 days. Upon sending the detectors back to us, Rad Elec will send you a personalized radon test report.

Place an order by calling us at (800) 526-5482, and test your home for radon!