E-RPISU® Radon Progeny Monitor


The E-RPISU (Electret Radon Progeny Integrating Sampling Unit) characterizes radon progeny / decay products, and will allow you to calculate environmental Working Levels (WL) and Equilibrium Ratios (ER). Two E-RPISU units can be deployed side-by-side for characterizing the attached vs. unattached fraction.


The E-RPISU is a radon progeny monitor that collects radon progeny on a filter paper, which is powered by a low-flow-rate air sampling pump. This filter is integrated into an S chamber in such a way that the collected progeny ionizes the air inside the chamber.

A SPER-1/E Voltage Reader is required in order to analyze E-RPISU results.

New E-RPISU units are made-to-order, and will require approximately 2-3 weeks to build, test, and ship.